Laurent Petrynka : President of ISF and Director of UNSS 

Dear sport friends,

We are glad and proud to receive you in Paris, at the Eiffel Tower’s feet, for this wonderful event from the International sport calendar that Worldwide ISF School Championships is standing for.

Paris’s heart will beat in the sound of the cramps of the teams from all around the world that will come to defend the colors of their flags and schools. This championship represents a record of participation in the history of school cross-country.

It’s an honor for us and moreover for the worldwide youth represented.

This youth must inspire us, we have to put all the efforts we can in order to make of this event a particular moment in the history of everyone.

I know, that, like always, we can count on the professionalism, passion, joy and quality of welcoming and organizing of UNSS and mark the story of the worldwide school sport.

France, represented by the UNSS, is a crucial partner for the welcoming of the most bigger ISF school championships ? A historic and major expertise in the sports and educational movement.

We can also count on our partners’s essential support : Region Ile de France, the City of Paris, but on our private partners like MAIF and MGEN too.

My thanks go to the Paris Academy, its vice-chancellor and the teachers mobilized in this worldwide and cultural sport event, to the whole organization comitee, piloted by Paris’s regional service UNSS, which works for several months to make of this championship a popular success.

Long live school sport !


Laurent Petrynka, President of ISF, Director of UNSS 

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