The Austria Team !

The participants of the male team of Austria all attend the Borg Klagenfurt. The school is located in Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia, which is the most southern province of Austria. As you can see in our presentation-video, Austria is a beautiful country with a lot of mountains and-especially in Carinthia- there are also a lot of lakes where you can go for a swim in summer. We all love spendig time in our beautiful surroundings.

The Borg Klagenfurt offers a special form of education. This school is well coordinated for pupils, who are high performance athletes.

School lasts one year longer than the usual school forms in Austria, but in return these young athletes have more time for their training during the morning lessons and they can attend training camps or competitions even during school time. The pupils are often members of the national teams in their sport and they need a lot of time for training and for taking part in competitions. They even get support from the teachers when they for example return from a trainings- camp to catch up with the other students.

A lot of the Austrian Olympic Athletes are alumnis of this kind of school.

The male team of Austria is a very young team, three athletes attend the first grade of the school- age group 2002/2003.

Andreas Pachler, Michael Moritz and David Birchbauer are our rookies.

Andreas Pachler is a Triathlete, a very helpful and calm guy. The training of Andi takes a lot of time but doing three sports in one and to work patiently, that’s what Andi loves and it’s an requirement for being succesful in this sport.

Michael Moritz is the Biathlet of our team- always focused on his goals. His lean body composition is perfect for endurance sport. Michael is well supported by his family, they often accompany him to races and cheer for him.

David Birchbauer is an excellent athlete, he is well-trained in many types of sports and he is just happy, when he is allowed to do some workout.

Morgan Schusser is an excellent middle-distance runner. In order to be good at this sport, you have to be a painstaking worker and that’s what he is. His training schedule is always in his mind. Morgan seems to be a quiet and calm character, but when you know him better, you will love his dry humor.

Albert Kokaly is one of Austria‘s most talented middle-distance runners. Beside many national titles, he established the Austrian record over 5 kilometers on the road, category U18 and achieved limits for European Championships (U18, U20 category) and World Championships (U18).
He is a friendly and polite person. When you see him somewhere on the way to school, he is mostly in a hurry, running with his school bag on back. We think that these short runs are maybe additional trainings for him and a reason, why he is so good at middle distance running. Meanwhile he runs faster than the school bus.

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