The Irish Team !

These Irish girl’s crew name is Dublin’s Darlings. Dublin’s Darlings is made up of six loud, funny, slightly crazy girls who enjoy nothing more than good banter. If you think you have the banter to match theirs, you’ll be in for a trip you’ll never forget. Their talents include running (obviously), cycling, hockey, swimming, dancing 24/7, tripping on flat ground, singing (not always in tune) loudly. They also enjoy taking selfies and love a good pout so be sure to jump in a picture with them.

Grace Dervan:
Grace describes herself as “charming” but we’re not so sure if other people can confirm this… When Grace was 5 years old, she decided to run into a field of sheep and herd the sheep. The sheep then started chasing her and while she was running away, this is when she discovered she was good at running. Grace wants to be a princess when she grows up. Slight warning: you’ll probably hear her coming before you even see her!
Faye Dervan:
Faye is quite the character. With a phobia of almost everything (specifically pigeons, birds of any description, anything that flies to be honest, spiders and many more) you’ll be in for a laugh. Faye once got her head stuck in a fence, fortunately despite being slightly traumatised she had no injuries from it. On her last visit to Paris, she fell up (yes, I did say up) the stairs of Eiffel Tower and she’s looking forward to doing it all over again!
Lara Gillespie:
If you’re asking yourself the question “how is it possible to trip on flat ground?” the team but especially Lara can help you out on that one. Luckily our most accident prone team member is injury free at the moment! Just like Homer Simpson questions if there’s anything that donuts can’t do, we all question is there anything Lara can’t do?! With quads for dayssssss, she is definitely one to look out for.
Sadhbh Byrne:
You’re probably wondering how to pronounce this name so we’ll help you out. It’s pronounced “Sigh-ve”. When Sadhbh was a baby she used to shuffle around on her bottom and not use her legs but once she decided to use her legs, her running career launched. If you want to know the way to this girl’s heart, I’ll give you one hint: Chocolate.
Emma Paul:
Emma is a woman of many talents and good banter. When she was younger she accidentally pierced her brother’s eardrum with a straw so we don’t even need to question her strength. Emma and a fellow team member, whose identity we may or may not keep a secret (Holly listen up!) enjoy snowball fights, even when they get a bit heated….
Holly Micklem:
Don’t let Holly’s cuteness fool you, she is one to watch. She once got attacked by squirrels when she was younger but her 12 year old self fought them off. Holly also got run over by a van but she’s still standing and lives to tell the tale. As you can see, Holly doesn’t go down without a fight and she’s very strong.

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