The Italian Team !


We are the Italian guys, we attend  “CAVAZZI-SORBELLI” high school in Pavullo Nel Frignano, a small town, capital of Frignano’s territory on the beautiful Appennines mountainous range in the northern region of Emilia Romagna. We all feel a strong bond with this place where we were all born and raised.

Our school is not new to ISF world championships, it’s the third year, after 2010 in Slovakia and 2014 in Israel that Cavazzi-Sorbelli’s pupils compete on a world stage, achieving outstanding results, with girls placing third in 2010 and with an individual second place in 2014.

Not only our school but the whole city has a solid, nationally regarded, middle distance running tradition, able in just a few years to conquer 30 team and individual national titles and participate in the most important track and field competitions such as world and European championships.

The team that will compete in Paris has nothing to envy to the students who came before them. Counting themselves several national U 20’s and U 18’s championship wins, our boys are looking forward to defending our school’s and Italy’s colours under the Tour Eiffel.



DAVIDE ROSSI, GIANMARCO VERDI, NICOLÒ BARBIERI all born in 2000, you can’t talk about one of these three without having to name the other two, they are the team that won the national U 20 cross country title this year and last year’s U 18 one. They train together everyday and they know each other better than everyone else, but everyone of them is naturally talented in different specialities. Davide’s favourite is steeplechasing but despite this he placed in top position in this an last year XC nationals; Gianmarco was born to be a long distance runner, he is not happy unless the weekly training schedule goes over 100 km; finally, Nicolò better express himself on short middle-distance races like 1500 meters where he is the 2017 U 18 Italian champion.


MICHEL PETILLO Is not easy being the only sprinter in a place where everyone is a middle diatance runner, but Michel is, and he is a good one. 17 years of age, he started running 7 years ago, but just in the last few years specialized in 200 and 400 meters. Even tough cross country is a race he is not used to compete in, he is ready to measure himself.


ANDREA BARBIERI 18 years old, is the only non-running athlete of the team; he is a national level cross country skier that in winter travels all over Italy to race and in summer runs to mantain his condition. Even without snow he has no fear to compete and give it all for the team.


SIMONE LELLI 15 years old is the youngest of the team, he is a good runner that in future will show how much he is worth, and like his other teammates is ready to perform at his best in Paris.





Hi everybody!!!
We are  the Italian girls. We come from “Liceo Scientifico Da Vinci”  in Jesi (AN) a city in the Marche region,  natal city of Frederick II of Swabia. It’s first time at the ISF world championship and now we can dream to compete at Paris!!!!
Andree fioretti, 16, extrovert and solar, when I’m not busy studying or training I like to go out. I love reading and being outdoors.
I am very ambitious about the future: I’d really love to travel around the world… starting from Paris
My name is Sofia Rocchetti, I am 15 years old, as a child I suffered from asthma so my parents sent me, on the advice of the pediatrician, to swim where after winning the regional frog championships for two consecutive years participate in the Italian championships classifying me fourth; but I was tired of swimming in a closed place, I wanted to do an outdoor sport, so I approached tennis and at the age of 10 I finally left swimming, becoming more and more passionate about this wonderful sport that became the center of my life.In fact, a few months ago I left my house (which is in the province of Ancona and where I live with my parents and my three brothers) and I moved to the permanent technical center of Foligno (Umbria) because I entered tue national team under 16. I want that this is not a goal but a starting point also because unlike my classmates who have stopped attending traditional school, I am continuing to attend the second year of the sports scientific high school of Jesi (AN) “Leonardo da Vinci and I look for ( even if I attend only two days a week) to reconcile it with the continuous transfers I do for tennis.
I am very determined and I will show it in this trip that I can not wait to finally deal with a group of girlfriends!!!
My name is Angelica Ghergo, I am 15 years old and I live in the province of Ancona.
I attend the second at the sports scientific high school “Leonardo da Vinci” of Jesi.
I have been practicing athletics since I was five years old, initially I was a distance runner but with the course of the years I discovered the world of speed and in 2018 I became an Italian champion in 400m.
I am a very shy and determined girl.
I don’t like going to a disco and in my free time I listen to music, of all kinds.
My name is Noemi Dolciotti , i’m 16 years old and I’m a student in the high school “Leonardo Da Vinci ” in Jesi “.
I practise Athletics four times a week since I was 13 and I’m specialized in 200 and 400 metres but I’m glad to try this new experience.
My favourite hobbies are, playing the guitar, listening to music and going out with my friends and even though sometimes it’s difficult to combine all my commitments i always keep my positivity.
I’m really excited to test my self in the competition and meet a lot of new people in the beautiful city of Paris.
My name is Giulia, I am 17 years old. I have one sister and I live with my parents in Chiaravalle, Italy. I am a sociable person, I like having fun and discovering new things and, of course, I love running. I have done athletics for two years…I know that it isn’t a long time, but I already love this sport. Moreover, athletics has allowed me to met a lot of people.
I hope this will be a great experience!
I’m  Benedetta Stronati and I come from Jesi (Italy). I’m 14 years old and I do athletics since when I was 8. I’m so excited about going to Paris to partecipate at the Cross Country and also a bit anxious.
Coach: Prof. Maurizio Marini

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